Get up, get out and get happy! Millions get bright-right with grapefruit, and you can too. Famous for its amazing qualities of revitalization, essential oil of pink grapefruit is queen of the citrus oils. We've blended ours with avocado, the emollient people are calling the new coconut − and it's about darn time, too. We chuckle because avocado oil never needed a comeback with us. Its overall health benefits and fantastic attributes as a skin emollient are legendary. Ground lemon rind rounds out this formula for exfoliating fun in a soap that cleans deeply, shines skin smoothly, and tones with bright bursts of citrus. The day is yours. Go get it!


Sammysoap is a job creation machine for adults with disabilities disguised as the world's best soap company. Our mission is noted on every package.


Sammysoaps are 100% all natural, naturally vegan, and synthetic free


  • 100% all natural soaps-no artificial anything! Saponified food grade oils of rice Oryza sativa, palm Elaesis guineensis, soy Glycine max and castor bean Ricinus communes, with essential oil of pink grapefruit Citrus Paradisi USA, avocado oil Persea americana USA, and organic lemon peel Citrus Limon USA.