Our Marimio moss balls have arrived!  In the wild, Marimo are only found in the northern hemisphere and specifically in freshwater glacial lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Estonia and Japan.  These ancient, legendary plants are a connection to the past.  Domestically sourced in the United States, these super easy to take care of moss balls naturally grow in this spherical shape.  Sold in it's own glass jar with a cork top and a bed of white gravel.

Marimo moss balls

  • Simple - just let it be! Marimo moss balls require so little maintenance that if they weren’t so darn cute, you might forget you even had one. No need to have a green thumb with these babies.

    • Keep your moss balls out of direct sunlight
    • Change their water every 2-3 weeks (non-chlorinated room temperature spring water is best)
    • Keep your moss buddy cool!  Don't let them get too hot during the summer.