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Like a blush to the cheek, this sweetly designed arrangement is softly accented with a blush of pink fragrant lilies and garden flowers.  

Wildflower Blush

  • We make every effort to make sure that your arrangement comes as close to the photo represented on our website as possible, however, there may be times where we have to substitute a certain flower/s due to seasonal or local availability.  We CAN guarantee that your arrangement will be beautifully designed to our professional standards and made up to value

    Care: The lifeblood of any cut flower is clean fresh water. Change the water every 2-3 days and keep the water level full in the container or vase that your flowers are kept in. A good sign that you need to change the water is that it is getting cloudy or beginning to turn yellow in color. This is a sign of bacterial growth. Also, use the floral food packet that came with your flowers when changing the water. Make sure to mix the flower food thoroughly with clean water and add to your vase.